Friday, July 26, 2013

Fashion Friday: Office Chic in the Summer Heat

It's July which means it is HAZY, HOT and HUMID in Blacksburg.  Temperatures have been soaring into the 90s and the humidity has been so high that it feels like an oven outside.  July also means that freshman orientation is in full swing on campus so I have been spending more time out and around campus and in the heat.  This is the time of year when you have to dress for the hot weather outside and the blasting AC inside. This means it might be in the 90s outside and only in the high 60s inside.  That's about a 20 degree difference!   Dressing can be tricky for these conditions.  Layering is a must - pull on a sweater in the AC and go sleeveless when you jump into your smoldering car.  Here are some suggestions I have to stay Office Chic in the Summer Heat!

  1. Layer up with cardigans and blazers with sleeveless tops.  Choose loose fitting clothes with minimal wrinkling.  Dresses, skater skirts and cropped pants are great options.
  2. Wear white or other light colors in natural fibers like cotton, jersey and ponte knit (one of my favorites, it doesn't wrinkle and stretches with you).
  3. Wear open shoes that breathe - like sandals, wedges, open toe and sling backs.
  4. Limit heavy accessories like scarves, statement necklaces and chunky bracelets.  Too many of those bulky accessories adds to the heat.
  5. Consider wearing your hair in an updo - a sleek low ponytail or a high bun. Having your hair off your  neck feels cooler and you don't have to fight the friz or flat hair that the humidity causes. 
  6. Lighten up on the make-up.  Hopefully you have some of that natural summer glow working so you shouldn't need heavy make-up and you don't have to worry about it running down your face if you break out in a little sweat walking in the heat.  I love tinted moisturizers, water proof mascara and lip gloss this time of year.
  7. Sport some cool shades!  Sunglasses are a must this time of year to keep the sun out of your eyes to prevent squinting (future wrinkles) and headaches.
  8. Carry a water bottle and stay hydrated.  I carry a water bottle with me around campus and in my car.

How do you stay chic in the heat??

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fashion Friday: Color Combos - Chartreuse and Royal Blue

Bracelets and Clutch from The Loft
Silver ring from Silpada

This summer I have been in love with this charteuse color.  Chartreuse is a color between yellow and green that apparently was named after the french liqueur green charteuse which is famously known for its color.  It's very summery and fun and adds a great pop of color.  I have been pairing it mostly with royal blue, but I think it looks great with black, purple, navy blue and white also.

Here are some examples of what I have worn lately:

Shorts:  Victoria's Secret (the Eva short)
Tank Top:  Old Navy

I wore the charrteuse shorts outfit to a great hamburger joint in Myrtle Beach called Hamburger Joe's and the cropped pants and sweater with the chartreuse tank top to work today.  I got the tank top for $5 back in June.  Pairing the embellished tank with a cute sweater and cropped pants makes for a great Casual Friday outfit for the office.  I can just go home and slip on some jean shorts and I'm ready for the weekend.  Sometimes a statement piece can be a $5 tank top and some cool friendship bracelets that cost less than $10.  Just be creative!

What's your current favorite color combination?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Elevator Pitch Infographic

I got this from UGA Pinterest board.  They always have all kinds of great inforgraphics.  Enjoy!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fashion Friday: Beach Girl

I've been living it up at the beach this week.  Here are a few pictures of beach girls that inspire my own beach style.  I am dying for this hat but I haven't found one like it yet.

What's your beach style?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fashion Friday: Casual Office Outing

It's summer and the perfect time for outdoor activities.  June is one of the "slower" times on a college campus, these are the weeks right after graduation and right before freshman orientation starts.  My office always has an office retreat during this time.  A few weeks ago we closed the office and had a morning staff meeting and then had lunch at a local restaurant on the roof top.  After that we went and played putt-putt as a staff and finished up with fro-yo.  It was about 88 degrees that afternoon and Blacksburg has a lot of humidity.  I needed to wear something that would be appropriate for a casual staff meeting and then outdoor activities in the heat.

Here's some suggestions on what to wear for an office outing like this:

A couple of things to keep in mind:
  1. Make sure your shorts are 3 inches or longer.  Anything shorter than that is too short.
  2. Wear sandals instead of flip flops.  Flip flops are too casual and it polishes off the look more to wear some nice leather sandals.
  3. Wear layers.  The sweater or chambray shirt are great for in the office when the AC is pumping but take that layer off for the outdoor activities.  Sleeveless or cap sleeves would be appropriate outside.
  4. Don't forget accessories and sunscreen.  Here you can shade your face with a cute hat or some great sunglasses.
  5. Even though you are going casual, you still want to look polished and professional.  No cut off jean shorts, graphic t-shirts or cropped tops.
I actually wore white shorts from Old Navy, a mint green and navy polka dotted shirt from Target, a grey cardigan from Target and mint green and sliver sandals from The Loft.  I can't find any of it on line anymore.  The shirt and sandals can be found here on my spring shopping post.

 A cute sundress and sweater would be a good option as well.  What would you wear to a casual summer office event?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Building GREAT women with Confidence!

I just spent the weekend in Boston at the Kappa Delta convention and I was inspired to greatness by the amazing women that I get to call my sisters.  These successful women spoke of confidence building, healthy body images, empowering portrayals of women in the media, lifelong learning, leadership and service to your community.   It was such an amazing experience.  Most people think sororities are just something that you do in college but I believe that it can, and should, be a lifetime experience.  The values of my sorority align with my own personal values and was not something I wanted to give up after my short college career.  Spending time with women of all ages who share those same values and believe in the power of friendship is an inspiring experience.  Being a member of an organization that promotes confidence in woman through the Confidence Coalition (which Kappa Delta founded) is such an honor.

I have often attributed most of my career and professional success to my experience in my sorority.  Through my sorority experience I met my professional role model, Shari Malone, who was the Greek Life advisor on my campus.  Because of her positive impact on my life I decided to pursue a career in college student affairs and ultimately ended up in Career Services (thanks to her husband who hired me in Career Services 15 years ago!).  She also taught me that a sorority is not a silly college girl experience, rather it is an opportunity for women to serve and lead other women, participate in service and develop professional and leadership skills in a large non-profit organization.  Being a Kappa Delta taught me about service, leadership and friendship.  I learned how to use parliamentarian procedure and run a business meeting which has served me well as president of a state professional association.  I learned valuable conversation skills and how to network and recruit.  I gained event planning and organizational skills.  I learned proper etiquette and how to carry myself with confidence and poise all of which has served me well in my career.

I serve as a chapter advisor and traveled to convention with four collegians from my chapter and another advisor.  Here are some pictures from the weekend:

This was waiting for us at registration!

We got to talk with Corre Anding Stegall - an amazing Kappa Delta leader.  Right after we took this picture she told us that she had been the National Representative that traveled to Blacksburg to colonize our chapter at Virginia Tech in the late 1970s.

Table decor and desserts!

One of our conference gifts.

Me with Caroline, our Chapter President.

At lunch with the other chapter attendees - Kate, Jackie, and Christie.

Me with Jackie our Vice President of Membership.

Trip to Fenway Park via Pedi Cabbie.

My first Fenway Frank!!

Statue outside of the Prudential Center in Boston.

The White Rose Banquet.

Our White Rose Gift.

This friendship bracelet was first presented as a Convention gift in 1913.  We received the bracelet to mark the 100 year anniversary of the gift.  The two bracelets are connected by the Kappa and the Delta.

What experiences have shaped who you are as a professional woman?  

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